Services are available in the Tampa Bay area. Additional fees may be applied to services outside of this radius.

Video consulting and coaching sessions are available for those outside the Tampa Bay area.



Consults are for new clients and/or new garden services. If you are new to gardening and want to start your own kitchen garden, if you have an existing garden that needs a re-boot, or if you are a returning client wanting to install a new garden space, booking a consult is the best way to get started! 

What the consult will include

A consult is an hour visit during which we will assess how and where a garden will best suit you and your home. We’ll discuss your personal garden needs and the possibilities for growing varieties you’ll love that are best suited for the season and Florida’s unique climate. Additionally, the consult will include a personalized kitchen garden design and/or a planting layout, unique to your space and preferences.

After your consult, we’ll discuss the proposed garden design, and decide if you’re ready for installation.



Coaching sessions are designed for clients with already established kitchen gardens. If you like to be hands-on in your garden, but need a little help, having a kitchen garden coach is the way to go!

About coaching sessions

A coaching session is an hour long, one-on-one visit in which you and the kitchen garden coach will discuss the potential of your kitchen garden. We’ll discuss any challenges or problems affecting your garden, and you’ll be given some tending tips to make sure your garden is working efficiently for you and your home. We can also review plans for next season’s growing opportunities, including which plants would be the best suited for the season in your kitchen garden.

Garden Installation

Kitchen garden installation is where garden dreams become reality! Botanical Dreaming strives to design beautiful, raised-bed kitchen gardens that are unique and personalized to reflect the needs and style of you and your home. High quality materials ensure that your kitchen garden will stand the test of time so that you can make your kitchen garden a place of learning, growing, and connecting for many years to come.



Kitchen garden maintenance services are offered so that your garden stays looking good and producing well. Maintenance services include pruning and pulling plants, restoring soil quality, dealing with pests and disease, and installing new or successive seeds and plants. Different maintenance service plan frequencies are available, depending on your schedule and how much dirt you want under your own fingernails.


Maintenance pricing depends on the square footage of the garden as well as the frequency of services, and additional materials fees may apply.

Workshops and Classes

Learn to grow with themed classes in a group setting! Topics include seed starting, container salad gardens, and more. Perfect activities for garden parties, bridal showers, and many other group gatherings.